Ort Braude

Ort Braude

Academic Partner


ORT Braude College (OBC) was established in Karmiel with the goal of developing an academic center that would teach the different engineering fields and simultaneously work in cooperation with industry.

The College’s geographic location is a direct response to national and regional needs: it serves as an academic, technological and scientific center for the Galilee, increases the accessibility to higher education in the north of the country and contributes to the range and enrichment of Karmiel’s educational system.

The College is an integral partner in the Galilee’s development and promotion of the region’s hi-tech industries.

ORT Braude Accelerator, a part of the Enterpreneurship Center, is a program designed for pre-seed entrepreneur’s students and alumni, motivated to actively make their ideas into reality. Participants receive extensive mentoring and counseling in all aspects needed to improve their startup ideas, marketing and presentation skills along with constructing a viable business plan and financial model, branding and presentations. The program was launched in 2013 as part of the innovation center of the college in city of Karmiel.