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AI-powered Revuze enters US market

Customers have an endless supply of opinions about your products and services, and marketers are eager to boil them down into useful insights...


Personalics: Personalize for 1st Time & Unknown Visitors

According to Personalics CEO Ohad Shperling, here are two hard truths e-commerce marketers are likely to be familiar with...

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How TapReason is Helping Applications Increase Downloads

According to David Beinhart, a marketing team member at TapReason, the difference between...

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TapReason’s AI Platform on VentureBeat

TapReason’s artificial intelligence platform is providing a solution to the growing problem of ad blocking, which prevents...

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Come See TapReason on GlobesTV!

TapReason won 1st place at SmartUp3 competition...

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Taking Mobile Shopping Mainstream

The Co-Founder and CEO of Mobilibuy, a Nielsen Innovate incubator company, shares how mobile technology is bridging the gap between physical stores and e-commerce...

Future of Grocery

The Future Of Grocery!

An interesting article about the future of digital grocery...

Digital Info Magazine

A New Digital Innovation Magazine

A New Digital Innovation Magazine by the Office of the Chief Scientist!

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Bruce Haymes, Managing Director of Nielsen Ventures, highl

Bruce Haymes highlights the strategic benefit that corporations can derive from a venture unit!