Our Edge

Hands On

Our experienced team’s primary goal is to nurture founders from idea to commercialization. We work closely with our companies, helping solve unique challenges and providing strategic advice. We believe in strong, sustainable partnerships and so we are here to help in any need.

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Business Development

With Nielsen’s 20,000 clients and business partners worldwide, we provide companies with a unique resource. Whether it’s a Fortune 1000 conglomerate, or a single traditional trade storefront in Kenya, Nielsen is able to measure and evaluate real customers, develop fast to market evaluation, and provide instant feedback once a venture is ready to launch.

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Emerging Markets and Global Reach

With more than $7 billion in annual revenues globally, and $2.8 billion in yearly revenue generated in markets such as China, Africa, South America and the Middle East, Nielsen has the unprecedented ability to deliver access to both developed and emerging markets.

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Nielsen provides information and insights into what consumers watch and buy across more than 100 countries, giving our clients the most comprehensive understanding of global consumers and markets worldwide. We are here for you to leverage our expertise in your startup.

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Follow-on Investments

Since 2008, Nielsen has invested more than $2 billion in M&A, JVs, and external technologies. We aim to deploy smart follow-on capital to our portfolio companies as part of our core strategy.

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Knowledge Base

Nielsen has been active since 1923, working in over a hundred countries with 34,000 employees. We look forward to leveraging our unique knowledge base, which will provide insights and empirical-based advice to startups.